Arielle & David’s Wedding at Valley View Farm Wedding in Haydenville, Massachusetts

The setting for Arielle & David’s August wedding was absolutely beautiful, and they just missed the rain…

It rained in the days leading up to their wedding day, and it rained on the days afterwards. God was surely shining down upon them, and cleared the skies for thier special day. The light in the bridal suite at Valley View Farm was perfect for capturing Arielle and her girls, illuminating their beauty and their celebration. I loved being a witness to the way her mom tenderly helped her to get dressed, from helping her put on her jewelry to stitching her dress and slipping on her shoes.

A lot of time and energy and lots of love went into the planning of Arielle & David’s wedding, all while Arielle attended school full-time and David worked full-time. It was so much to pull it all together, and Arielle surely did it!

The grounds were in their full green, and the first look location was in a beautiful, tucked away spot behind the Apple House where there were wild flowers, and apple trees in apple blossom bloom. After their first look, we snuck back into the woods for a few intimate portraits, and then out into the fields that allowed for a sneak peek view of the yellow barn.

Thank you Arielle & David, I will always be so grateful to have captured your special day and to be able to call you friends.

I would love to share also, a very sweet review that was written by Stacy, the brides’ Mom on

“Erin, not only are you an amazing photographer/artist, but you’re an incredible person as well. I would love to give you more than 5 stars, but the site doesn’t allow for that. From the day Arielle and I met you at “Chocolate Springs”, you’ve been such a positive, caring, calming, and overall, fantastic human being, and we thank you for that. Somehow, you are able to capture the essence of the day with that eye of yours and tell a story of love and emotion. You were not only a vendor for Arielle and David’s wedding, but you’ve become a friend to them as well. Anyone who is lucky enough to hire you as their photographer is so very fortunate.”


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