Western Massachusetts Engagement Session at Whites Reservoir in Westhampton MA // Sneak Peek // Jasmine & Tom

Love. This is a visual story of love. On a beautiful fall evening in early October, Jasmine & Tom and their pups Gunther & Lola lead me, their photographer, on a hike deep into a forest in Western Massachusetts. This forest, which I will call their forest, it is a special, sacred quietly blazed trail that Jasmine & Tom often hike with their dogs. They shared that they rarely see other people when they hike their trail, but that they do, at times encounter wild things. As we hiked deeper and deeper into the forest that evening, the sun did not slow its setting pace, which gave us the most gorgeous light for their engagement session. You will see this, the change in light, and tonality, as you move through the images, how the light changes...and grows more dramatic, until, at last you see the moon just over head as Jasmine & Tom's engagement session comes to and end. We finished their engagement session just past twilight. Then there was the hike back to our cars. So through the darkness we walked, the air growing cooler as a gentle breeze whispered through the trees, and wild birds called their final calls, and then the only sounds, where that of our steps upon uneven ground, crunching over pebbles and dry earth. It was an inspiring and awakening walk through the darkness, the only light was the moon. Our time in the forest, for Jasmine & Tom's engagement session had been one of the most unique engagement sessions I have had the pleasure of capturing. For me, during their session, I felt a constant driving feeling of being grounded and connected to the earth. An awareness of our wild nature, and of wild love. A wild love, that can be tamed if we listen, really listen and connect, if we turn to each other and really see one another then in that wild, we find a stillness that ripples love that we can hear and understand if we are ready. Jasmine & Tom's love is that wild love, a love that is rooted in deep connection to each other and to the earth, they have found their love, because they were ready, because they were listening. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save





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