This is Me. This is me being REAL.

Where this all began. If I close my eyes…and look really, really, really, really deeply within…I find that feeling/notion/movement/pulse where my drive to create moves forth from.
My work as an artist comes from a lifetime (34 earthly years thus far) of searching searching for beauty, searching to create things that are beautiful, to create situations that require creative process, deep thinking, time, spaces of quite, rest, deep looking, reveling, allowing things to happen, capturing moments as they naturally unfold without interference.
Birdie Bunny, as you may or may not know comes from a place of deep respect/love/gratitude. Seriously, I mean that when I say it. I have nothing to hide, I am open and real.
Have you ever known the feeling of wearing your heart outside of your body? Or, have you ever known the feeling of watching your heart go walking outside your body in the form of a child…a child of your own flesh and blood? This is the deepest well of love, it is love beyond words, it is a connection to the universe with strings that ultimately are not our own, and OH! The Universe, how powerful she is…
I want you to know, that I  know all to well the sacred power she posses. Her Karmic ways are strong and wise beyond our human knowing. For me, she is Impermanence. She is teacher, showing us at times, reminding us at times that we are only human, meant to be here for a time – to do good, and them we are meant to go on to do good somewhere else.
As I mentioned, I have first hand experience/knowledge of the great power of the Universe and I will lovingly share it with you. Do not fear, please, read on.
On March 3, 2007, as I labored toward the birth of my first child…after many hours, things suddenly took a turn for the worse, and a nightmare unfolded before my eyes. My precious first baby, Birdie, she did not live outside of my womb. My daughter died within me, and though she looked as though she would take a breath, she did not. From this profound loss, a profound sense of gratitude and deep love has grown. It is this gratitude and love that carries me through each day, a constant reminder that this life I am living, that I am blessed to be living could in the next moment….cease. Now, I am not meaning to sound morbid, nor dark. No, I am just speaking my truth. For she, Birdie, she is a huge part of how I have become the Mama and Artist that I am today. I choose to keep her alive within me, alongside her younger siblings that we are so blessed to have here earthside. So, you see, there is a history behind the name of my Mama Artist business. It is my truth, I bring it to the table, I bring it to my art, I bring my whole being to you and to the art I create for you, and only you. Birdie Bunny, Birdie for my girl – Bunny for my miracle baby, my first born son, Holdyn.
And so, this art that I create for you, I give all of myself to it.
We here earthside only for a time, and so to honor this sacred and mysterious time, I make art that radiates love, and transcends what we cannot say in words.


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