The Awakening Part 1

There have been times in the past when I have shared some of my story with you. I have spilled my heart and let you into some of the darkest and toughest times of my life.
As I am starting this new chapter in my business, I am compelled to share some of my deepest soul truth’s with you. Of course this is a very personal choice, and it may not be exactly what some want to hear or know. But, I am an open hearted person, I wear my heart outside my body and my soul feels and sees things so deeply that it is very difficult not to share with you.
This evening I want to show you a self portrait. It is a self portrait that I took, days after my first baby, Birdie died. My breasts filled with milk, and you will notice the scar on my belly.
As heavy as this image may seem, and the details that can be seen there…I want you to know that seven years out from my loss, it is no longer heavy for me. I can talk about my experience without tears and the heavy sadness that once resided at the surface.
Her loss awakened me, and over the years has brought me to a deeper place of knowing and awareness. An awareness of my own humanity, and the humanity of others. I see life in such a different way, and I also feel life differently.
This is only the beginning of my story of awakening.