meet erin


Hello and thank you for taking the time to stop by, I’m so glad you did. My name is Erin Long, and I’m a New England based wedding photographer with a storytelling approach. My style is celebratory, emotional, and dives beneath the surface, with a little bit of goofy/eccentric flair thrown in there too.

Erin x

I take the time to get to know my couples, to find out what makes them tick. From the individual quirks, to the way you finish each other’s sentences, to the way you make each other belly laugh till it hurts. Taking time to create a personal relationship with each and every couple I work with is important, and informing. So that come the wedding day, I can anticipate the decisive moments as well as the moments between moments of raw emotion. It is all a part of the creative process, and I absolutely LOVE IT! Not to mention, this all helps to keep my couples calm and relaxed because they know they can trust me, and if they need to lean on me for help or advice they can.

I’m a joyful mama of two adorable and inspiring small humans as well as two canine children that help to keep our home lively and balanced. We live in a small, creative, charming and lively small New England town. When the warmer months come, you’ll find us at the weekly farmers market, or at the various local swimming holes or parks. Outside is where we are at our happiest really, any time of year.



I believe in the power of story, and the importance of telling unique stories of love, that after the wedding day will live on in the couples’ heirloom wedding album, for generations to come. I also believe in the power of print, and as a photographer or “printographer” it is my duty is to guide my clients to see the value in print, to bring more joy into their lives and future generations with memories that would be otherwise forgotten.








I volunteer as a companion and photographer with a local non-profit called Empty Arms Bereavement. We Support and serve individuals and families whose babies have died through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death. As a loss Mama who experienced the stillbirth of my own baby eleven years ago, this organization and this work is especially dear to my heart as a mama, and as a human who has a deep love of other’s.