Massachusetts Portrait Photographer // Personal Portrait Project: The Dark Knight

This past weekend, I had the honor of working a New Years’s Eve wedding at The Barn at Gibbett Hill with a colleague of mine, the absolutely fantastic Seth Kaye! I left that wedding feeling very inspired, specifically by the bridal portraits that he created that night, the posing and the way the bride and groom were lit…it was exciting and reminiscent of experiments I had done with light in the past. So, I found myself brainstorming ideas, and how soon would I be able to jump into realizing them.
Well, ya know, when your children have been out of school for 2 weeks (and your just a little burnt out) and you get that urgent feeling to be creative (because said children are making you a little stir crazy) and make some art RIGHT NOW because it will make you feel better!!! What do you do? Well, you ask your children (the ones who are making you a little stir crazy and have already started the day by painting their faces because that’s just how they roll!), to be your models! So, that’s just what I did and they were SO HAPPY to dress up, and have their picture taken. It made us all laugh, while we were trying to be straight faced and serious. The three of us working together made us all less grumpy, and we had a lot of fun…and I got to share with them their portraits and show them how I edit, and they gave me input for how they envisioned their final edits to look. It was a sweet collaboration, and they titled it: “The Dark Knight”.
So, without further adieu…
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