Human Connection.

Connections. We all crave human connections, right? It’s instinctual, raw, at times feels like a driving force behind why we do what we do. Today while walking our dog at the local “dog park”, which is more like a group of hiking trails beside a beautiful flowing river…I stopped to chat with fellow dog owners (as I really try to do every visit there). It’s always obvious to me, who’s “open” and who’s not. That in itself is a funny thing about living in this area, that some folks are just completely closed, so much so that they pretend like your not there, that they don’t see you…or there just to preoccupied to say a simple “hello”. Truth be told folks, it’s a problem for me, try as I might to not “worry” or be “concerned” about this, I am constantly trying to figure people out. Which leads me back to where I was going with this earlier, CONNECTION(s). You should know this about me, I am OPEN, my heart is OPEN…and I am always hopeful for connections with new people. With all that I have been through in my 34 years earthside, too much is at stake/could cease at any moment to ignore each other, to pretend, to be better than thou. We’re here NOW, our hearts are beating, our blood is warm as it pumps through our bodies. We are instinctually and historically meant to connect, to care, to love, to share experiences. To support one another, to inspire, to create, to sit around a fire sharing stories and gazing up into the night sky at the brilliance of the constellations. We, we are stars, we are constellations. We are ALL twinkling, we are ALL aglow. Let’s revel in each other today, tonight and tomorrow. Let’s lend a hand to one another, let’s share food and laughter around the table, let’s remember that we have a greater purpose than just ourselves, our greater purpose is EACH OTHER.
With abundant affection,
Erin xoxoxo